Feedback from a parent – November 2016

“My little boy has attended the baby room at Choochoos since he was 16 months old.  I am entirely happy wiht the care, development and activities he receives.  The team leader is exceptional and I have no hesitation in recomending Babychoos led by her and her team. My son is is very happy there and I can be confident in leaving him.  Safeguarding is excellent” Ms S Jordan – Nov 2016

Thread of Success feedback from staff

‘Children really enjoying choosing what they would like to do using their book. Really improved the room areas. Love the song sacks that have been made too!’

‘It has made it a lot more fun for the children. Lots more dancing, learning different songs. Children have seemed to want to join in more, as it is a lot more interesting.’

‘Thread of success has made me aware of what music we offer and how to extend our ideas and further my knowledge of the importance of music.’

‘I feel the thread of success has given us more ideas on resources we can use for music time.’

‘Thread of Success has made me more aware of what musical activities we offer. It’s given me ideas to extend and add variety to build on babies’ involvement.’

‘I think the TOS has made music time a lot more interesting and fun, not just for the children but staff as well. I believe there is a larger range of activities for the children to do during music time, this is since the thread of success.’

‘Wow, what a journey! I now feel really proud of our musical areas and music activities. It has been a great learning experience.’

‘Children are given the opportunity to pick their own music for groups that day, which works well and they enjoy it! Love the music/ story sacks!’

‘Lots of new ideas, very helpful. I love the music book. New resources, and areas are more inviting now.’

‘This project has brought the three teams closer together, to discuss musical ideas for the children. The children are experiencing more musical ideas and learning about different cultures.’

‘It has allowed us to highlight areas of improvement, introducing more song sacks. Allowing us to enhance and build on our music times.’

Feedback from a parent ‘July 2015’

You may not remember us, but myself and my son  would like to say a big thank you. He left your nursery about two years ago and since then has been on a roller coaster ride of his short life, but he remembers his time at Choochoos. I would like to say a big thank you to Donna (senco) and Michael, they were the first to help me notice that there may be an issue with my son and now he is finally receiving help he needs with his Autism, although he he High Functioning and is top of his class ( the school even want him to skip a year already), It was them that helped him the most and i am forever grateful for that.

So again a Very Big ‘Thank you’ from myself and my son.  Keep up the Brilliant work. Ms Martin (July 2015)

Feedback from our Staff questionnaire’s ‘Jan 2015’

‘ I love my job , I’m very happy in my role’

‘Induction training is very professional and clearly explained what is expected of me’

‘Within my team I can always express my ideas and they are appreciated’

‘Choochoos is a friendly place to work in, when staff are happy, children are happy’

Feedback from our Parent questionnaire’s ‘April 2015’

‘We love daily feedback, an open honest two way relationship’.

‘ Key person approach is excellent, very effective and gives peace of mind’.

‘We love that our child goes outside every day!’

‘I think that all of the activities are excellent, along with the staff.’

‘Going out and about in the community is fantastic, I know my child is so well cared for. Thank you.’

‘Choochoos is a lovely nursery full of kind supportive staff.’

‘Choochoos is outstanding’

At Choochoos we were made to feel both parents are important part of the transition. Listened and understood the needs of our child’.

Parent thanks….

Max (and Shelley & Alex) would like to say thank you very much for taking him to Build a Bear yesterday. He had a really fun time and kept telling us all about it. We really appreciate your hard work!’ – Shelley & Max (Apr 14)

From a child leaver….

‘To Choochoos, thank you for looking after me, I will miss you all, and playing in the garden, Love Saffron’ (Aug 2013)

‘To Everyone at Choochoos, Thank you so much for looking after me so well, I really enjoyed my time at Choochoos, love Finn’ (Aug 2013)

Children leaving Choochoos, making their transition to school –

‘Well Harry’s time at Choochoos was short but very very sweet… How cool for a little boy to go to a nursery at a train station and how fab that Harry has made such a lot of lovely friends with whom he’ll be going to school with! And How fantastic all you Aunties are – and especially his ‘special Auntie’ Kelly. Thank you so much for everything you have done with Harry – he has had a ball at Choochoos and a lot of that is down to you! So it’s adieu and not goodbye, because no doubt we will see you all the time and it is so nice that we can keep in touch. Lots of Love’ – Catherine & Sheridan Wall (Sept 2013)

‘To Choochoos, Thank you for all your time and effort and helping Brooke take her big girl steps, she is going to miss all of you so much’ – (Sept 2013)

‘To All Staff at Choochoos, we would like to say a massive thank you to all of you! Amelia is very excited about starting ‘big school’ but she has already said how much she will miss everyone. THANK YOU!’ – Natalie, Paul, Amelia & Callum (Sept 2013)

‘To Everyone at Choochoos, thank you for taking such great care of Caitlin over the last four years (nearly 5!) She has had a wonderful time at Choochoos and will never forget you all’ – Jane, Russ & Caitlin (Sept 2013)

‘To All the Aunties in the Butterfly Room, thank you for all you have done for Lauren during the time she has been with you. Lauren speaks very highly of you all as do I. Lauren has loved her time with you, you are a fantastic group of people and we will miss you all.  I really cant thank you enough for all the kindness shown to Lauren’ – (Sept 2013)

‘Dear the Butterfly Team, Thank you so much for all that you have done with, and for Caydn this past year.  We have seen his confidence grow and him develop in to a well-rounded happy little boy, with thanks to you. I know he will miss you all dearly (as will we) and we promise to come back and visit. Thank you again’ – Melanie & Kevin (Sept 2013)

‘Dear Kelly, thought I’d write this so we can just pretend we’ll see you again tomorrow! And not say anything like goodbye. We just wanted to say thank you for all your amazingness with Sachin…your patience, kindness and hard work every day. Sachin has loved being at Choochoos and has really loved Butterflies and you.  When I told him he may not see you again after today he was upset and didn’t really understand why but said he’d miss you lots. Have a lovely summer with your Family, thanks so much Jen. PS – don’t go anywhere we have another one coming your way in a couple of years, and Rafi is much calmer!’ – (Sept 2013)

‘To All the Aunties who looked after Mia, Thank you so much for looking after Mia for the last 10 months.  She has come on leaps & bounds since coming to Choochoos, and it’s all thanks to your hard work! Mia will miss you very much but she has some great memories & I’m pleased I chose Choochoos for Mia to be a part of. Thank you so much’ – (Sept 2013)

‘Dear Butterfly Team, thank you ALL for the care, kindness & attention you have given to Lois, during her time at Choochoos – from Baby Choos right through to Butterflies! She has NEVER complained about going to nursery, infact she is disappointed on the days she is not attending! It is simply down to all the hard work that you have put in to make the days so full of fun & enjoyable. She and I have become so fond of all the ‘Aunties’ who have shown genuine interest in the welfare & care of Lois – amazing laddie! Thank You’ – (Sept 2013)

‘To Choochoos, A huge thank you for the love, cuddles and care given to Tamsyn over the past four years.  Her loveable, independent nature is a testament to all of you. We know she is going to miss nursery very much’  – Justin, Wendy, Tamsyn & Kayla (Aug 2013)

‘To All the Butterfly Aunties’ A HUGE thank you for everything. Harry will miss every single one of you & all the fun times he had whilst in Butterflies!’ – Taws Family (Aug 2013)

‘To Everyone at Choochoos, thank you so much for all the love, care & attention you have given Henry during his time at Choochoos.  He has so enjoyed coming to nursery and it has been wonderful to see him grow, develop & have fun while he has been there. As a team you have been so supportive & willing to listen & it has given us great peace of mind to know he has been in such safe hands. With thanks and good wishes’ – Jenny & Julian Ross (Aug 2013)

‘To all at Choochoos, Thank you for looking after Archie so well, you do a brilliant job! Archie will remember Choochoos with a smile’ – (Aug 2013)

‘To All of the Wonderful Staff at Choochoos, Thank you so much for all that you have done for Daniel, & Josh previously.  It’s five years since Josh first started in Caterpillars & I can’t quite believe that Daniels finishing now too.  We’ll miss you, with love & best wishes’ – Liz & Simon Mockett (Aug 2013)

From a parent on transition from another room

‘Learning Journey updates have been fantastic to read and give us an insight to their secret Choos life we never see. Thank you for your patience, care and tremendous influence you have had.” The Wilcox Family

Babychoos parents 2015…

‘It has been such a comfort knowing that he is being looked after so well when we leave him.’ – The Narain Family

‘The way you have nurtured and cared for her whilst in nursery has helped in giving her the best start possible in life. You are gifted when it comes to looking after little ones.’ – The Bainborough Family

‘Thanks to you all for the first class care you have given Xander.’ – The Williams Family

‘Thank you so much for providing a kind, caring, safe environment.’ – Alice Hardy and family

‘We will all miss seeing your smiley faces in the morning’  – The Precious family

‘To Nicky and the fab Caterpillar Team, thank you so so much for making Sophie’s time with you so enjoyable, rewarding and confidence boosting. She will miss you all but you have developed her into a beautiful butterfly.  We really appreciate your understanding of Sophie and her special needs.  Best Wishes’ – Kate & Dan (September 2013)

Volunteer feedback, August 2013 –

 ‘To all the Staff at Choochoos, I just wanted to say a big thank you for being so supportive and welcoming to me through the summer, I have had a great time and have learnt a lot about working in a nursery. Thank you again’ – Hannah Abbott

Student feedback

‘Choochoos strengths is their communication skills when they are talking to the children and parents, their caring qualities are really good. Choochoos is very comforting and comfortable. They gave me very good advice when I needed it. They were understanding and they helped me with my observations. May 2015

‘Thank you again for sparing me a week’s worth of yours and your staffs time and for helping to make my work experience so fun and worthwhile and I will definitely remember this great experience.’ ‘2014’

‘Going to miss Choochoos. I learnt how children enjoy routine and how small tasks can be made into games.’ ‘July 2014′

‘Staff are lovely and friendly.  Being at Choochoos helped me with my assessments which I struggled with before.’  ‘May 2014′

‘I found the placement very rewarding and I feel like I have learnt a lot more about what staff undergo on a daily basis and how much hard work they put into their jobs.’ ‘2014’

‘I will take with me the knowledge of how to speak with colleagues of all ages and how to act around younger people.’ ‘2014′

‘I particularly loved the fact that was so welcoming towards me, especially all of the young children. I feel that this experience has helped my confidence and speaking skills and feel that I can now speak openly in front of a large group of people.’ ‘2013′

‘I  found the placement very rewarding and I feel like I have learnt a lot more abut what it is that your staff undergo on a daily basis and how much hard work they put into their jobs.’ 2013′

‘I will definitely remember this great experience.’ 2013′

Parent’s evening quotes –

‘All the staff are so wonderful, they are like angels’

‘Key person approach is fantastic and well established.’

‘My children and I love Choochoos, great in every way.’

‘Learning journeys are a lovely keep sake for the future.’

‘The overall environment is child orientated , clean and good for children.’

‘Settled well and enjoys attending.’

‘Outside play is encouraged which is great.’

‘Happy with everything.’

Parent thanks –

‘I love receiving the information on what you are doing in the weekly planning sheets and newsletters.’ – Anon (May 2013)

‘To everyone at Choochoos,
I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for the Christmas party today. My son has come home saying what a great time he had. It ‘s so lovely that you invite all the children to the party and we really appreciate all the time and effort that obviously go into organising and running an event like this.
Thanks again’ – Mrs Vaid (Dec 2012)

‘I just wanted to write and say a big thank you to everyone for such a great Christmas fair on Saturday. You obviously all worked really hard and am sure you have plenty of other things you ‘d rather do on a Saturday and Friday night instead of preparing and tidying up!   We really appreciate it, thank you.
It was great fun and my children really enjoyed it. Sam ‘s cake is fantastic – I ‘ve no idea how Trevor managed to guess the weight, but I ‘m glad he did!
Thanks again – hope you all had a rest on Sunday!’ – Andrea (Dec 2012)

Parents of children leaving Choochoos, making their transition to school –

‘Thank you for all the fun, support and care that you have shown towards Ollie during his time at Choochoos.” – Becky, Craig, Seth, Ollie and Adam (July 2015)

‘Thank you for all looking after me, I will miss you all.’ – Amy (September 2015)

‘I asked Raffie what he wanted to say and he replied “I love you Nicky!” Thank you for all your hard work and continued humour.’ – Dr Raffie Seasull (September 2015)

‘Thank you for looking after Arthur so well and putting up with his foot stomping! He will miss you and his friends, but is well prepared by you for ‘big school’!’ – Bridget, Eve and Arthur (September 2015)

‘Thank you for all you have done to make Felix’s time in butterflies so happy’ – Kathryn, Rob and Felix (August 2015)

‘Thank you so much for all the love, care and attention you have given to Martha during her time at Butterflies. She has really loved being with you, and will miss you!’ – Jenny, Julia and Martha (September 2015)

‘We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the Aunties at Choochoos for everything that has been done for our daughter in the last 2.5 year. We have watched her develop into a confident, sociable and knowledgeable young girl which is in no small due to the enthusiasm and dedication of her Aunties!’ – Mr and Mrs Jones (Sept 2012)

‘A huge thank you for all your help, support & encouragement with my son over the past 2 years, we really appreciate it! Wishing you all the best, ‘ Mr and Mrs Grant’ (2012)

‘Thank you so much for all the help you have given my daughter over the past year. She will miss you all’ – Ms Tindell (Sept 2012)

‘Thank you so much for the care and love you have given our son, were going to miss you all, with love from Mr and Mrs Felts (Sept 2012)

‘Thank you for a wonderful time together, you have been so welcoming and it’s been an absolute pleasure!’ – Mrs Lambert (2012)

Thank you so much for looking after Jaycee. She has loved her time at Choochoos and made lots of friends. You have helped mould her into the lovely girl she is today. Esme and Martin Rigden

‘To all the Aunties at Choochoos, with special thanks to the Butterfly Team, our children attended from early days at Baby Choos. Leaving a child in childcare is never easy, but you all helped to soothe the difficult times. Joe has grown up with you and has had a lovely time. I really appreciate all you have done for him and am sorry were saying goodbye. Many Thanks’ – Mr and Mrs Lovelock (Sept 2012)

‘Thanks again for all that you have done for our daughter over the last 3 years, you have all been brilliant and all worked so hard. She has loved coming here, she says she is going to miss everyone! – Mr and Mrs Rice (Sept 2012)

‘To all the wonderful Aunties at Choochoos,
Thank you so much for all the love and care you have shown my son over the years. You have nurtured him in such a beautiful way, I have always trusted you entirely to do what is right and best for him. We will miss you very much and the elephant on the card seemed appropriate as we will always remember and cherish the first memories you have created for him. We promise to visit as the boys grow; you are all very special ladies’ – Mr and Mrs Soutar (Sept 2012)

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for Cole over the last two years and for all the support you have given me when i needed it. All the staff past and present have played such a big role in his life and i know he will miss you all. Emma (Dec 2011)

Key person testimonials

‘Dear Keyperson,
Thank you for supporting my daugheter this past year; she has loved having you as her key person! We appreciate all you have done to enrich her nursery experience. My daughters time at Choochoos has been truly wonderful’ – Mr and Mrs James (Sept 2012)

‘Dear Keyperson,
Thank you so much for getting to know our son so well. He has had such a great time with you and he has developed in so many ways. His school visits have been so successful and he is very much looking forward to being an owl! With our huge thanks and best wishes’ – Mr and Mrs Davison (Sept 2012)

We wanted to express our thanks to you both and your dedicated team for all your care and attention you have shown Tom. Tom has made vast improvements in so many forms since he joined Choochoos over two and a half years ago. He loves attending nursery so much and we hope that school can match his expectations! Tom always talks about his ‘Aunties’ and friends at nursery and we hope not to become strangers once Tom starts school. He especially has a soft spot for his key person who we have found a perfect key person for Tom. Please pass on our thanks to all your team not forgetting Sarah the cook. Tom always has All,All,All next to his name eating all of his food! at the end of the day. Thank once again Mr and Mrs Waldock

The voice of the children…..

‘Thank you for looking after me, I have had a wonderful time, fantastic fun and learnt loads, I’m sad to leave. P.S my sister cant wait to come in 2 years! – Master Hersey (2012)

‘Thank you for a fabulous two years. I have absolutely LOVED playing, learning and making friends at Choochoos, I will miss you all dearly!’ – Miss James (2012)

‘Thank you for looking after me at my time in Choochoos, I’m going to miss you all very much’ – Miss Halliday