Garden areas


The Babychoos garden is designed for our youngest exploratory learners. Planned on many levels children are able to access all parts of the curriculum with opportunities to develop both gross and fine motor skills. The garden offers a tunnel, slide, water and sand play, creative materials, grass and decking areas. Plants and vegetables are grown and maintained by the children, in fact their large sun flowers gathered much interest and formed an article in the local press.

Choochoos garden for Caterpillars and Butterfly children

These gardens are seperated into two spacious areas, one designed for creative little minds and the other to practice and develop gross physical play. The children are given the choice to enjoy both.

The first garden is designed to be accessed during all weathers and is protective by an all weather canopy. We provide protective clothing allowing the children to feel and enjoy all the elements the weather brings us. In this garden exploratory play is in abundance with access to water play, digging, a self select shed, bikes, scooters cars, many creative areas and sensory equipment. Our rabbit ‘Kitty’ lives here and receives attention in abundance from the children.

The second garden encourages children into a natural environment. The children are able to see and hear the trains in this area which they never appear to tire of. Home to a vegetable patch, insect house, a small wood housing a camp and logs, a large climbing frame, tyres to balance on. This garden is very popular and well used. There are many opportunities to take risks and is ideal for children to form friendships and discover their world.

Woodwork/ Sensory cabin – From this garden the children have access to an exciting indoor cabin. Divided into two parts the cabin offers a place for privacy, rest and sensory experiences and the chance for children to get creative in the woodwork station. This activity is achieved in small groups closely supervised.

Woodwork provides unique learning experience for young children. It is so rich in so many areas of learning and development and it is an activity which children really enjoy, being absorbed for extended period of time. It encompasses creative thinking, maths skills, scientific investigation, physical development and coordination, developing language and vocabulary, and much more.

It has the potential to build self esteem and confidence. This is really for a combination of reasons Through being empowered to use real tools, by being given some responsibility, accomplishing tasks that they initially feel to be challenging, gaining new skills and finally taking pride in their creations.

Choochoos is passionate about the depth that woodwork has to offer. introducing children to many activities to encourage creativity.

All outdoor play is supervised by adults who observe and know when to provide support.