Butterflies Whitstable (pre school)

As the children transform into Butterflies our experienced high quality care continues. Practitioners expertly guide your child through the wonders of learning, helping them to adapt to a range of different activities in a more structured environment. Learning is enjoyable and rewarding with a good balance of child initiated play and adult led activities.

The Butterfly team are motivated and led by a ‘hands on’ dedicated team leader who understands the importance of team work and building trusting relationships. The team apply the key person approach and provide a rich learning environment for children getting ready to go to school.

The Butterfly room is spread over two areas and the children have the choice to ‘free flow’ which ensures they access all areas of the curriculum. Children are offered both adult and child led play in abundance allowing confident little learners to thrive.

Outside Play

The Butterfly children access the outdoors throughout the day with the garden forming a main part of their daily routine. Practitioners guide and support the children during their time outside with activities and experiences individually planned for. Resources can be accessed independently in an environment home to many natural materials including a vegetable patch, digging area, logs and our insect house.

September 2012 has seen the new addition of our outside cabin which provides rich opportunities for learning with a sensory / chill out area and a woodwork station. In small groups children are able to construct and explore their creativity supported and supervised by motivated adults.


Being a converted ticket office for the railway station the Butterfly room is home to many large windows and high ceilings, the indoors is bright and welcoming. Areas are zoned and include play for construction, science, games, music, books, I.C.T, puzzles, art and craft, role play and mark making. The environment allows children opportunities to be involved in group play or to have time relax. Resources are age and stage appropriate and all are accessible for independent play. Children have an input into their learning journeys and we invite them to contribute to them regularly.

Meal times

Meals times are very social with the children being involved throughout the process. To promote their self esteem the children lay the table, serve and choose their own food and tidy up after. They learn and enjoy this routine very quickly. Choochoos provide nutritional home cooked meals from our fully trained and experienced chef. Any allergy or special need is catered for understanding every child is individual.

Daily routine

The routine is thoughfully planned to encourage independence and confidence. Plan Do Review is fully implemented, where children first plan what materials they want to work with, what they want to do, and whom they want to do it with. Once they have made a plan, however vague, of what they want to do, they can
put their ideas into practice. Then, after this chosen work time, the children come together and discuss what they did and whether it was the same as, or different from, what they had planned.

Venturing out

Based in the heart of Whitstable Choochoos is in the most excellent location. Regularly the children access the beach, harbour, town, library, castle and park, all within close proximity. Many local primary schools welcome our visits and the children often link up for singing and role play experiences. Choochoos also owns a private woods in Blean and the children often jump on the bus for the day for visits, a picnic and great adventures. We also go further a field to farms, zoos and other local nurseries. The children love going out to explore and often the decision is very spontaneous.