Our setting

Choochoos Day Nursery was begun by an independent provider for 16 years, who understood the importance of consistently providing exceptional care and education for all children from a secure, stimulating and welcoming base. In 2021 Choochoos Day Nursery was brought by Old Station Nurseries, however still remains as Choochoos Day Nursery and keeps it legacy.

Choochoos Day Nursery provides care for children from birth to five years. The nursery is based in a once disused railway building on the coast bound side of Whitstable Railway Station. Two impressive Edwardian buildings originally used as old ticket offices, delivery shed and waiting room now uniquely form the provision. For the convenience of our clientele we operate between the hours of 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, providing healthy meals and snacks for up to 81 children per day. The children in our care are able to experience unique opportunities in abundance to grow and develop as an individual independently. Children progress in their next steps of learning and development through play as practitioners plan, observe, scaffold and support.

 ‘2019 marks our sixth year of involvement with Choochoos Day Nursery Whitstable. Our eldest daughter passed through Babychoos, Caterpillars and graduated from Butterflies in 2017. Our youngest daughter is currently in the Caterpillar room and loving it. One of the best endorsements I can give Choochoos is the high rate of staff retention, the vast majority of the managers and key workers have been with Choochoos since our involvement began, clearly demonstrating how passionate and dedicated the key workers and managers are.
The three stages of Choochoos offer an appropriate, safe, fun and educational experience that sees children right through until the day they start school. Our girls formed very strong bonds with their key workers and this gives a parent an enormous sense of comfort. We are routinely kept informed of what our children have been doing and the new eyLog system is fantastic as it keeps you updated throughout the day. Regular parents evenings keep you informed of how your children are progressing, but the staff will always make time if you have any concerns or suggestions. In short, I cannot imagine our girls attending anywhere else. Even if we, as parents, did not work, we would still have had our girls attend Choochoos as the skills, development, education and sheer enjoyment it offers cannot be exaggerated. It will be a very sad day when our youngest leaves and starts school’, (Parent, February 2019).