Our vision

Choochoos vision is to create a safe, child centered environment, where children can develop in to confident learners ready for school.


In supporting this we believe it is vital to include parents/carers in a child’s development, encouraging a close partnership, based on shared information. We  ensure that care and education are appropriately balanced, within every aspect of the Early Years Foundation Stage (2017).


We aim for all children at Choochoos to experience a holistic approach, in a rich environment where their well being is highly sustained and they are actively involved in stimulating activities based on their needs and interests.


Our overall aim is to create a warm, homely environment that offers flexibility, so that we can use the space in different ways according to the ages and needs of our children who attend. Our environment is planned to enable children to access equipment and materials independently, so they can choose resources that support them to follow their interests and build on their next steps for learning.


Each Choochoos nursery create their own additional visions yearly to improve outcomes for children.


‘I would recommend Choochoos absolutely, as my children have been welcomed into Choochoos and they loved attending. Choochoos is very supportive of their learning’, (Parent, March 2020).

Promoting independence
Forming relationships
Engaging in activities