Awards & recognition

Choochoos is always striving to improve, this includes reflecting and evaluating what we do. Part of this process over the years, has been helped along by achieving awards.

These awards have differed in requirements, but overall helped us to improve outcomes for our children.



Choochoos being awarded our Kent Quality Mark Award.

Kent County Council –  The kent quality mark award


Choochoos achieved the ‘Kent Quality Mark’ award. This award was a quality assurance scheme designed to encourage nurseries and pre-schools to raise their standards even higher.

Choochoos being awarded our Kent Quality Mark Award.

Kent County Council –  The threads of success award


Choochoos participated and achieved the ‘Enhancing’ level in the ‘Threads of Success’ award. This award is a quality enhancement scheme for early years providers to further develop the quality of care and education, strengthen leadership for learning and further improve outcomes for children and families.

Choochoos being awarded our Threads of Success Award.

Media coverage

Choochoos organises many events throughout the year, many of which are to raise money for charity, to celebrate Choochoos or to celebrate an event for our children and families.

Therefore Choochoos works closely with our local media community, regulary inviting in the local newspapers, radio stations and ITV meridian news.

Appearing in our local media is a great way to celebrate Choochoos for our staff, children, families and local community.



Look out for us in our local media.

A photo of our children used in our local gazette.
An example of Choochoos local newspaper article.