Our staff well being

Choochoos believes employee well being is vital in remaining an outstanding nursery. Our employee team are at the forefront of what we are. Choochoos recognises the importance of valuing staff and making sure they feel an important part of our team.


‘I have had lots of support from my manager and team leader in my role’, (Staff member, December 2020).

We provide the following employee incentives for full & part-time staff:

Extra holiday for length of service

Choochoos rewards our employees for the length of service they have worked at Choochoos. If an employee has worked for Choochoos for over three years, we will reward them with an extra day holiday for their fourth year and then an extra half day for every year after that. Holiday is added for up to 10 years of service.

Recognising length of service badge

Choochoos provides each employee with a badge and certificate highlighting the years they have worked at Choochoos. This is a lovely way to celebrate the length of service our employees have worked, so visitors, children, employees, parents, carers and families can be aware of this.

Celebrations & events

Every year Choochoos provides a free Christmas event for all employees. This is to celebrate Christmas and to thank each employee for their hard work and commitment to Choochoos. Team building days are also provided for our employees, free throughout the year. For example, following our recent Ofsted inspection our team were treated to a show at the Marlowe theatre and a team building event at ‘Go Ape’.


Staff member of the term

Choochoos employees and our attending families are invited to vote each term for their favourite employee, giving positive reasons why. The awarded employee is presented with a prize and a certificate celebrating this. This is also celebrated in our newsletter and displayed throughout the setting.

Click here to vote for your employee of the term, explaining your reasons why.


Staff well being leaflet & displays

To celebrate and support our staff well being, we have created a staff well being leaflet/display. This includes monthly activities to improve well being, work/home life balance, what Choochoos offers to support staff and links to helpful websites and support.

We have also created a staff ‘Shout Out’ display, whereby staff write nice messages on post-it notes about their colleagues to help boost staff morale. These will then be filed in their own staff development folders.

To help us know more about each other we have also created a staff ‘All About Me’ display. Each month we display a photo and items about the chosen staff member we did not know, to help us to get to know each other more.


 ‘Thank you (staff members name) for being so helpful and supportive in my first week at Choochoos’, (Staff ‘Shout Out’ display post-it, October 2020).

 ‘Well Done (staff members name) on your group time today, you had fantastic interactions with our children, keeping them stimulated and engaged’, (Staff ‘Shout Out’ display post-it, October 2020).

Staff ‘Shout Out’ display post-it November 2020, ‘(Staff members name) you are always so happy and positive each day, thank you for being so lovely to work with’, (Staff ‘Shout Out’ display post-it, October 2020).

Choochoos support employees well being by providing:

  • A full induction.
  • A yearly training plan.
  • Targets.
  • A personal development folder.
  • Regular supervisions.
  • Yearly appraisals and six monthly reviews of appraisal.
  • A suggestion box.
  • Open door approach to senior team.
  • Yearly employee questionnaires.
  • Training, role modelling, peer observations and guidance.
  • Observations and monitoring of performance and practice.
  • Paid holiday allowance.
  • Promotion or means of advancement in role.
  • Appreciation and thanks.
  • An employee family photo area.
  • Discounts to our services.
  • Uniform.
  • Pension scheme.
  • Birthday off each year.
  • Staff room with locker, free soft drinks, tea and coffee.