Our staff expectations


Choochoos is proud to have very high expectations within our nursery. Our expectations range from the quality of our employees, the environment, to the care and education we provide. Expectations are made very clear to our employees right from the start of their journey with us, during the interview process. It is important to us that our employees recognise the importance of our expectations and understand what is expected of them to ensure these are upheld at all times.

Expectations are shared with each employee, which underpin our vision, ethos, practices, policies and procedures within Choochoos. Choochoos employees recognise that training, courses, development and improvement for learning is ongoing and always possible. Choochoos support ongoing training and individual professional development, so high quality care, teaching and learning for every child is maintained.


 ‘I would recommend Choochoos and I do to friends with young children. Fantastic team and everyone is so passionate about their jobs’, (Parent, November 2020).


‘I really enjoy my time working at Choochoos. Everyone is helpful and very supportive’ (Staff member, December 2020).