How do we recruit our team?

Choochoos has a very rigorous and robust employment policy. This clearly outlines how Choochoos recruits employees. Our recruitment process includes:

  • Advertising the job vacancy on our website, in-house and job sites online requesting CV’s and a covering letter.
  • Shortlisting C.V’s.
  • Arranging interview. Send confirmation letter and job specification.
  • Candidate completes an application form on arrival before interview.
  • Manager and senior interview candidate, using Choochoos interview question sheet as a guide.
  • When deciding if the candidate could be right for the vacancy a scoring system is used. Various areas are considered in the scoring process.
  • If it is felt the candidate is right for the vacancy, Choochoos offers a trial session. Consisting of time spent at Choochoos. Tasks are asked to be performed. E.g. a child observation.
  • The manager would complete a trial feedback form and feedback to the candidate and the candidate would complete the same. These are shared and discussed at the end of the trial day.
  • Opinions are gathered from the staffing team.
  • DBS (Disclosure Barring Service – Police check) completed.
  • Training and qualification certificates are requested.

Choochoos employment process

  • Employees are provided with a contract, uniform and badge.
  • Manager provides an employee induction.
  • A yearly training plan and targets are created personalised for that employee. Reviewed regularly.
  • Manager would create a personal development folder and a personal information folder for the employee.
  • The employee will be given a mentor to support them in their learning.
  • Regular supervisions, induction review and appraisals provided for each employee.

If you wish to know more about our recruitment of staff, please see Choochoos policies and procedures which are kept in our lobby area and here in our policy & procedure section.