What it’s like to be an employee at Choochoos? Views from people that use us

You might be wondering, What is it like to be an employee at Choochoos? Either from a parents perspective, as a carer, family member or even as a possible future employee. Well we have asked for some views to share with you.


Views from employees that work at Choochoos

    • ‘Rewarding to work with such wonderful children and families’, (March 2019).
    • ‘I feel lucky to be part of such a strong, supportive team, with high expectations and a fantastic work ethic’, (March 2019).
    • ‘I am so proud to be part of an outstanding setting, working at Choochoos is hard work, but so rewarding. I know what is expected of me and feel my opinion is valued’, (March 2019).
    • ‘I have worked at Choochoos for 11 years and have always been provided with such amazing training opportunities to further my development as a practitioner, in my learning, development and my practices’, (March 2019).
    • ‘I have worked at Choochoos Dover for the past 5 years. I look forward to going in every day and supporting the children in their learning. I love the outside environment, we have an amazing space to enrich the children’s learning. The staff team and management are very hard working and supportive’, (April 2019). 
    • ‘Being an employee is more than just a job, it is a place of which I enjoy going into on a daily basis. I find my job rewarding whilst watching my key children grow into smart, intelligent young children. There is not a day that goes by when I question if I’ve chosen the right career, as I generally believe my job is truly special and I am proud to be a team member at Choochoos’, (November 2020).
    • ‘Being an employee at Choochoos is such a rewarding job. Creating an attachment and a bond with my key children and watching them develop while being at Choochoos’, (November 2020).
    • ‘I have worked for Choochoos for 15 and half years and in all this time we have always strived to improve and be the best we can, the staff are all so happy and it is so lovely working here’, (March 2021).


Staff feedback about Choochoos in-house training

    • ‘Very well presented, clear, precise and in-depth. Good opportunities to discuss and share ideas. Very informative and detailed’, (November 2019).
    • ‘In-house Food Hygiene Training – Very detailed training, well delivered and great examples given’, (February 2020).
    • ‘In-house Safeguarding and Child Protection Training – Very informative delivery and good guidance’, (May 2020).
    • ‘In-house Community and Events Advocate Training – Personal, I felt comfortable and could ask questions’, (February 2021).
    • ‘In-house Health and Safety Training – Very informative/thorough presentation and style of delivery’, (February 2021).
    •  ‘In-house EYFS Training – Well delivered, informative, clear explanations and positive as always’, (Staff member, July 2021).
    •  ‘In-house EYFS Training – Clear, concise, explained carefully and great activities to get staff thinking’, (Staff member, July 2021).

Students/Volunteers views & how they feel being at Choochoos

  • ‘I first started at Choochoo’s Day Nursery five years ago as an apprentice working within all three rooms in the Whitstable setting. I thoroughly enjoyed gaining experience with all age groups ranging from 0-5 years old and getting used to the routines within the rooms, as well as getting to know all of the friendly staff. As I settled in I was given the support I needed to progress with my apprenticeship course, having visits from my tutor, doing work at home and also getting the support from team members and managers at work. As I gained confidence within the setting I was then asked if I wanted to be a permanent staff member within the babyroom, which I felt very excited about and accepted. From this I then got given my own small group of key children, which meant I could build relationships with the children and their families and could get experience with writing observations, contributing to the children’s learning journeys. I had a wonderful journey spent as a nursery practitioner in the baby room where I worked for over four years and completed my level 2 childcare qualification and then my level 3. I then put myself forward for the role of the butterfly room leader which is my current role and I find it a new and exciting challenge. I look forward to the rest of my journey working at Choochoos in Whitstable’, (Naomi, was a student, then a staff member, March 2019).
  • ‘Choochoos is a very close, family environment. I loved working in the team’, (Student, April 2019).
  • ‘I started at Choochoos as a student, whilst studying for my level 2 in Childcare at college. Whilst on my placement I was offered to become supply staff, working with flexible hours, whilst still studying. Once I had completed my course at college in 2010, I was asked to become a full time early years practitioner and a key person. Choochoos then organised for me to complete my level 3 in childcare, which I could do in my spare time at home. This allowed me to work, while gaining more experience and having a hands on approach’, (Jade, was a student, now a staff member, May 2019).
  • ‘I started at Choochoos in September 2018 and have been in all three rooms, babychoos, caterpillars and the butterflies. All of the staff have been welcoming and have helped me. I am currently in the caterpillar room and learning things like routines and procedures. I am also becoming more confident in leading the children in singing’, (Student, May 2019).
  • ‘During my placement at Choochoos I have enjoyed getting to know the staff and children and am thankful for everything they have done for me over the last year. They are all a joy to work with and all of the children and staff are the most amazing people I have ever met, I look forward to seeing them all again to complete my course in September’ (Student, July 2019).
  • ‘Thank you all very much for letting me gate crash your fantastic nursery for the last 6 months. I have enjoyed every minute working with you all and such a great group of children. I hope I get to return one day with my own children, so you can look after them whilst I chill out’, (Volunteer, August 2019).


Children’s views & how they feel attending Choochoos

Children’s testimonials, What do you think and like about Choochoos?

  • ‘I like digging and making holes in the sandpit’, (October 2020).
  • ‘I like playing with teddies’, (October 2020).
  • ‘I like playing on the bikes’, (October 2020).
  • ‘I like the pirate ship’, (October 2020).
  • ‘I like baking and all kinds of food’, (October 2020).
  • ‘I like playing with my friends’, (October 2020).
  • ‘I like chalking, drawing and colouring’, (October 2020).
  • My child says she enjoyed her day at Choochoos and had lots of fun playing with her friends’, (Parent, November 2020).
  • ‘My child says the foods they enjoy at Choochoos are pasta, fish fingers and houmous, pate and baguettes’, (Parent, November 2020).
  • ‘My child says they love the outdoors and sand pit at Choochoos’, (Parent, November 2020).
  • ‘My child talks about their friends at Choochoos’, (Parent, November 2020).
  • ‘My child talks about their key person and the Choochoos pet’, (Parent, November 2020).



Parents, carers & families views & how they feel being a part of Choochoos

  • ‘Choochoos is supportive and provides lots of opportunities for learning’, (Parent, March 2019).
  • ‘Choochoos gives great feedback and excellent observations’, (Parent, March 2019).
  • ‘Choochoos has a safe, happy and creative environment. The environment is calm, peaceful and engaging’, (Parent, March 2019).
  • ‘My child’s key person is very proactive and clearly has a passion for her role’, (Parent, November 2019).
  • ‘Choochoos challenges my child’s cognitive behaviour and physical development’, (Parent, November 2019).
  • ‘I would recommend Choochoos absolutely, as my children have been welcomed into Choochoos and they loved attending. Choochoos is very supportive of their learning’, (Parent, March 2020).
  • ‘I would recommend Choochoos and I do to friends with young children. Fantastic team and everyone is so passionate about their jobs’, (Parent, March 2020).
  • ‘I would recommend Choochoos as they are very good for development and I can’t rate them enough’, (Parent, March 2020).
  •  ‘Choochoos what an amazing job you all do. Thank you for looking after both of our children over the past 6 and a half years, you always go above and beyond. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. I would recommend Choochoos to anyone. We will miss you all’, (Parent, September 2020).
  • ‘I would recommend Choochoos most definitely. Choochoos is very warm and welcoming nursery that puts the needs and the interests of the children first’, (Parent, November 2020).
  • ‘At Choochoos I feel my child is well cared for and looked after’, (Parent, November 2020).
  • ‘My child’s transition went very well, they love their new room’, (Parent, November 2020).
  • ‘My child’s transition was very well organised and carefully thought about. We are thrilled with how well our child has settled. He loves his new room and is happy to attend’, (Parent, November 2020).
  • ‘The communication and starting of my child into Choochoos was really useful and good’, (Parent, November 2020).
  • ‘During the coronavirus pandemic, Choochoos were very informative, we were always being kept up to date via email, good organisation and communication, thank you’, (Parent, November 2020).
  • ‘Choochoos has such a warm and welcoming environment, I knew immediately from my show round that this nursery was definitely the right choice for my child. Thank you for providing such a caring and loving learning environment for our little girl’, (Parent, November 2020).
  • ‘Can I just say that we know that you were a great nursery in normal times, but you have been absolutely fantastic during these last 10 months, excellent communication with the parents, meticulously organised, going to great lengths to keep everyone safe and above all maintaining a much needed sense of normality and structure (great food and fun!) for our children’, (Parent, January 2021).
  • ‘Choochoos becomes your second family, they are very supportive and informative’, (Parent, July 2021).
  • ‘Being parents whose child attends Choochoos makes us feel very valued and we know our child is cared for and valued in what they learn and do’, (Parent, July 2021).
  • ‘We feel very happy with the service and love receiving feedback from the key person’, (Parent, July 2021).
  • ‘Great, good communication and lovely to hear how the children find the activities’, (Parent, July 2021).
  • ‘Communication variety, menu’s for meals, staff are amazing and very helpful, kind and professional’, (Parent, July 2021).


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