Choochoos Day Nurseries employ a SENco (Donna) who is available to discuss any special talents,  worries or concerns you as parents may have about your child. Concerns you may have can be anything to do with the development of your child from sleeping, eating, language development to physical play. Donna is available anytime and can be contacted through the office or sending her an email. ( She is happy to meet with you informally or arrange an appointment at a time suited to you. Look out for Donna’s termly newsletters keeping you up to date on her work and progress at Choochoos and the useful information she shares.

At every setting there are also trained SENco assistants in all rooms that work closely with the other practitioners and with Donna supporting and observing children.


Special Educational Needs

Choochoos take specific action to help children with special educational needs to make the best possible progress by planning for full participation in all learning, physical and practical activities. We support parents and work with all outside agencies involved with your child and works to the “Special Educational Needs” code of practice (2001)

Valuing Equality and Diversity

Choochoos promote equal opportunities that cover race, gender and disability for our children and staff. We plan to meet the needs of both boys and girls with special educational needs. Children who are more able, children with disabilities and children from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds. Children from differing ethnic groups including traveller’s, refugees and Asylum seekers, also children from diverse linguistic backgrounds and all their families. We have an active equal opportunities and inclusion policy, staff receive inhouse training on equal opportunities to ensure that anyone who comes into contact with Choochoos is made to feel valued and treated with respect. Training includes Makaton, Every Child a Talker, ‘Ready Steady Go’ physio therapy programme and Numicom in the Early Years. Practitioners are also very valuable to us and we expect that they too are valued and treated with respect.


At Choochoos ‘Makaton’ (a sign language programme) has been introduced and now embedded in practice. All practitioners and children are benefiting from this programme helping to aid communication, speech and language. It is particularly useful when children clearly understand language, but cannot speak. It often encourages children to concentrate and try to speak the words they are signing. Makaton is also fun and the children really enjoy using it in their everyday routines. We have decided upon using the following Makaton signs at Choochoos, ensuring all the team use Makaton and it is consistent.The signs are ones we feel are needed most in the daily routine:- Sleep, Toilet, Yes, No, Stop, Mummy, Daddy, Help, Wash hands, Snack, Dinner, Hello, Goodbye, and Well done/ Good. Look out for our ‘Makaton’ displays in every room.


Please follow the links below for some helpful booklets that may be of assistance for you. These booklets can also be found in the lobby areas.