Partnership with parents

Working in partnership with parents

At Choochoos parents and their child’s key person work together, the results have a positive impact on children’s development and learning.
Our practices are underpinned by the themes, principles and commitments in the Early Years Foundation Stage (2014).

Valuing Parents

We really listen to and value what parents say. We welcome any feedback you can give us to ensure we are continuously striving to improve. Regularly parents are invited into the setting to take part in activities or to share their knowledge on a particular subject. We invite parents to contribute to our termly menus, complete questionnaires about our practices, come on outings with us and to be involved in our daily routine. We understand many parents are working or have responsibilities outside of the setting therefore opportunities are provided to get involved through emailing us any ideas and suggestions.

We are very lucky to have some parents that have committed their time each week by coming into the setting and giving the children opportunities to learn Spanish and German.

Relationships, Learning Journeys, Making Progress and next steps

Choochoos has a fully embedded key person approach which starts at the earliest opportunity, during your home visit. To build trusting relationships with families the key person has opportunities regularly for informal talks with parents during arrival and departure times. Parents can also request times with their Key Person whenever they would like.

Parents are invited and encouraged to contribute to their child’s Learning Journeys by providing information on experiences and activities their child has been involved with away from the setting. Children learn and develop differently therefore every child is planned for individually having their own personal next steps to develop based from the seven areas of learning displayed in the development matters book, EYFS (2014). Practitioners will share your child’s next steps with you and discuss experiences to plan to move your child forward and make progress. You may be asked to help by participating with your child at home! Parent evenings are offered termly. During a parent evening you can look closely in partnership at the progress your child has made agreeing new learning for their future.

Policies and procedures

Choochoos regularly review polices and procedures in line with Government legislation and changes to our routine and the environment. Parents need to understand our policies especially on important areas such as learning and teaching, safeguarding children, inclusion and behaviour. When we review a policy you are invited to contribute. We display all of our policies in the lobby areas.

Workshops and parent forums

Choochoos run workshops on aspects of our practices to enable you to become more involved and knowledgable. Opportunities for parents include forums on the EYFS, Makaton and Schematic Play