Your child’s online learning journey (eyLog)

What is a learning journey? Your child’s learning journey is a collection of different documents that provide a picture of your child’s development under the prime and specific areas of learning identified in the EYFS (2014). They consist of  next steps, photos, art-work, mark-making etc interspersed with observations made by practitioners and family members including notes of relevant conversations or comments made by your child.

Your Key Person will match any observations to the EYFS (2014) Development Matters framework. The aim is to build a unique picture of what your child knows, feels and can do as well as their particular interests and learning style. This picture can then be used to pinpoint learning priorities, next steps, and plan relevant and motivating learning experiences.

Parent contribution – The learning journey should not be the sole preserve of the child’s key person. It should involve contributions from a variety of adults who have contact with the child, including their family.

Parents are invited and encouraged to contribute to their child’s learning journeys by providing information on experiences and activities their child has been involved with away from the setting. There is the facility on our website to quickly send us information via email. Follow the link ‘tell us what your child has been doing?‘ or in the lobby there are post it notes for you to write on.

Learning journeys live in the lobby, this is for easy access and for you to look at, value and contribute to whenever you can.

Your child’s key person – works extremely hard making observations, taking pictures and linking up your child’s experiences with their learning and development. This way individual progress and next steps in learning can be identified and planned for. Learning journey’s are organised in date order and sumarised termly. This way, when you add anything simply go to the last entry. Examples of parent contributions are in the lobby.