Being a Key person at Choochoos

Staff take the role of being a Key person for children at Choochoos very seriously and work closely with parents to form a close relationship with the whole family.

Part of the staff induction process is based around the ‘Key person approach’. The training provided supports the staff’s existing knowledge and clarifies our expectations when they have a Key person role. At meetings we discuss what being a key person means and together identify how we can improve the responsibilities they have further.

Staff Training opportunities at Choochoos

All staff that are employed with Choochoos have access to regular training course to enhance their personal development, overall knowledge and practices for working with children in the early years. Every practitioner has a staff development plan in place which is reviewed during staff supervisions and appraisals. There are specific courses staff must attend which forms part of their induction process. This includes Safeguarding, prevent duty and child protection, Food hygiene, First aid, Health and safety and Channel training. Other courses are planned depending on staff’s individual knowledge and what we feel is required at the setting. All training staff received is feedback to you via our monthly newsletters.