Our key person approach

‘Children learn to be strong and independent from the base of loving and secure
relationships with parents and a Key Person.’ Positive Relationships, EYFS 2012’

What is a Key Person?

A Key Person at Choochoos is a practitioner assigned to an individual child and their family to support all of their needs and development whilst attending Choochoos. A key person will build trusting and respectful relationships to enable your child to grow in confidence to thrive in their surroundings.

The Key Person at Choochoos acts as your key point of contact and will come to you for a home visit before your child starts to settle.

You and your child will have more contact with your Key Person then any other member of staff. The Key Person has special responsibilities including ensuring your child settles into Choochoos with the smoothest transition, providing care and support,  being your point of contact, developing their learning journeys, monitoring progression and planning for your child’s next step in learning and development.

The EYFS (2012) insists that ‘all children must have a Key Person’ Advising that a Key Persons role is to ‘ help ensure that every child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs’.

Our Key Person approach at Choochoos

Being a Key Person at Choochoos is the most rewarding role a practitioner can have. The role comes with many responsibilities and all staff receive ongoing training to ensure they are fully competent in meeting and understanding what is required of them.

We are proud of our embedded Key Person approach. Believing it is the most effective way to promote communication and partnership between home and the nursery. Being a Key Person isn’t just about planning and observing a particular child. It’s about forming a special bond with your child, to be aware and accommodate their every need. The Key Person will respond sensitively to your child’s feelings, ideas and behaviour, talking to parents to make sure your child is being cared for appropriately.

In the event of your Key Person being absent, we operate a ‘buddy’ system to ensure consistency of care. The ‘buddy’ and Key Person communicate fully and work closely as a team.

Who is your key person?

Key Person list

Before your child starts at Choochoos you will be made aware of who your child’s Key Person is and you will have the opportunity to meet them. We select a Key Person based on the days your child will be attending and the days a practitioner works so you get to see the Key Person as much as possible.  The Key Person will visit you and your child in your home or at an environment familiar to your child. This is a very important part of the care we provide. It supports the transition process enormously giving you and your child a familiar face as soon as they arrive for their settling sessions. Please look out for the Key Person and ‘buddy’ list supplied in the lobby areas.

Further information on our Key Person approach can be found by asking your child’s room team leader.