Your child’s online learning journey (eyLog)


What is eyLog?

eyLog is an online and mobile application used by Choochoos to capture and securely manage your child’s learning journey and progress in an electronic format. eyLog is compliant with the EYFS framework and enables us to create a comprehensive EYFS profile of your child, associate observations with relevant learning goals through a single click and plan easily next steps. All aspects of the EYFS are easily accessible allowing for rapid linking of observations to the EYFS statements.



Using secure tablets, practitioners can easily create and maintain learning journeys, recording relevant milestones. eyLog offers integration between observations and EYFS assessments, eliminating the need to sift through pages to link these two manually. This reduces the effort involved in making observations and linking EYFS assessments to learning goals, allowing practitioners to bring the focus back on providing a stimulating experiences for the children.


Digitally capturing the moment

eyLog allows us to take multiple photos as part of an observation and thereby enables us to truly capture the story behind the observation. A picture says a thousand words, a video, a million. eyLog creates a rich-observation by incorporating videos. There are great moments when a child is saying something profound or is just letting out the Sinatra/Madonna in them. eyLog gives us the power to record an audio clip and save it for eternity as part of an observation.

An example of a child’s learning journey.

What is an online learning journey?

Your child’s learning journey is a collection of different documents that provide a picture of your child’s development within the prime and specific areas of learning identified in the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance, 2017.

Observations are carried out on your child by our practitioners, which are uploaded and displayed on your child’s eyLog journey almost instantly. These observations are shown in written text, audio, photos or videos. A child’s electronic learning journey is automatically created from these observations.


Other items that are captured within your child’s journeys are:

  • Starting points and evaluations.
  • Next steps and evaluations.
  • Parent observations/photos/videos/audios.
  • Progress tracker.
  • Other agency input.
  • Key person/buddy messages.
  • Links to current next steps/starting points.
  • Links to well being and involvement, schema, British values, characteristics of effective learning and phonics.

Your child’s key person will link every observation to the EYFS, Development Matters framework. The aim is to build a unique picture of what your child knows, feels, can do, is learning, as well as their particular interests and learning style. This picture can then be used to pinpoint learning priorities, next steps and plan relevant and motivating learning experiences for your child.


Example of a child's progress tracker.
Example of a child's observation page.

Parent/carer partnership

The learning journey should not be the sole preserve of the child’s key person. It should involve contributions from a variety of adults who have contact with the child, including their family.

Parents/carers can download the eyLog app and instantly upload written text/video/photo/audio observations of their child or comment on their child’s nursery experience. Near to your child’s start date Choochoos will email parents/carers the eyLog link to download the app and an eyLog guide with how to use.

Parents are eager to know and understand their child’s development on a more regular basis. eyLog allows us to share your child’s observations and learning journey with you, increasing your involvement and knowledge of nursery life.

Parents/carers are invited and encouraged to contribute to their child’s learning journeys, by providing information on experiences and activities their child has been involved in outside of Choochoos.

There is the facility on our website to send us information via email. Follow the link ‘Tell us…… what has your child been doing?’.

Parents login and access their child’s learning journey at the click of a button and are able to view observations recorded as soon as they become part of the learning journey.


Click here to read more about eyLog.

Example of parent observations.