Involving families

 ‘Being a parent at Choochoos, they are always friendly and well organised. My child is very happy at Choochoos’, (Parent, November 2020).


How does Choochoos involve families?

  • Parent/carer/family member rota.
  • Entering Choochoos at drop off and collection times.
  • Suggestion box in lobby area.
  • Meet and greet daily, verbal and in person conversations, with key person and management daily.
  • Contribution to termly menus.
  • Termly meeting with key person about a child’s development and progress.
  • Termly or spontaneous questionnaires/speech bubbles.
  • Invited along to outings.
  • Provide parents/carers forums/workshops and invited to staff training.
  • Parent pack meeting, home visit and settling sessions at the start of a child’s journey at Choochoos.
  • Taking part in deciding on starting points for the child and reviewing these every term with the key person.
  • Facebook page and instagram, with regular updates.
  • Regular emails and monthly newsletters.
  • Means to ensure all parents/carers are included, that may mean we have different strategies for parents/carers who work or live apart from their children.
  • Consulting with all parents/carers to find out what works best for them.
  • Informing all parents/carers about how Choochoos operates, through its policies and procedures.
  • Asking for views, feedback and input in to Choochoos policies and procedures.
  • Contribution to their child’s eyLog online learning journey.
  • Providing information about opportunities to be involved, in ways that are accessible to parents/carers with basic skills needs or those for whom English is an additional language.
  • Invited to planned events throughout the year.


To find out more about how Choochoos involve families, speak to one of our early years practitioners or refer to other sections, ‘Key person approach’ or ‘Current parents, carers and families’.