Key Concepts

The key concepts that underpin our philosophy comes from many training courses, conferences and learning from the Pen Green Centre. Some of our staff have made visits to the Centre in Corby for learning and insperation, our key concepts are as follows:

At Choochoos observing children and monitoring progress is an important part of our role. The more you know about a child, the more effectively you can provide for his or her needs and plan for the next steps of learning. Looking for schemas is one useful tool to help to do this. Information from the parents on their child’s experiences, examples of activities and how the child plays at home is essential for planning their next steps in the nursery. This also helps to develop a true partnership between parents and the key person. Relationship building starts at your child’s home when the key person comes to do a home visit. Here they will establish how your child plays and gain an understanding of your child’s individual needs.