Well being and involvement

Practitioners at Choochoos are trained to monitor the well being and involvement levels in children.

At Choochoos we closely observe the children’s well being and involvement. We consider through observations the levels of well being and involvement children are displaying. This way if well being or involvement is low over long periods of time we can support the individual child and plan effectively to try to help. Practitioners also regularly ‘ screen’ their key children to gain an overall idea of their key  children’s well being and involvement generally. Actions are considered following any screening.

There are many reason why low well being in children could be low. There could be changes at home,  for example a new arrival to the family, house move, a death of a close relative. Other reasons at the setting could relate to the  environment or if a friend has changed sessions/ moved rooms etc. We train our practitioners to use the well being and involvement ten action points to improve a child’s well being and involvement as required.