Settling into Choochoos, making the transition from home

We offer and explain to every family the value and importance of a home visit by your child’s Key Person. Knowing a trusting face when a child enters a new place will ease and help their settling process. We understand the anxious and worrying time settling your child into a new place, leaving them sometimes for the first time can be for parents, therefore by starting a trusting relationship from your home provides the perfect starting point.

After the home visit settling sessions are planned and we encourage parents to come with their child to help them settle, at least until the child feels safe and secure in their new surroundings. This is also a good time for you as a parent to observe our setting and to become familiar with our routine.

Making transitions from one room to another

We carefully prepare children for any change to their routine. Adapting to any new environment can take time and be an anxious time for any child. With our Key Person approach so embedded into our practices the team at Choochoos communicate every important detail when changing Key Person.

Every transition is a smooth one at Choochoos due to the careful planning and time we give for each child. The Key Persons (old and new) share knowledge and spend time visiting each others rooms with the child and inviting families to visit too. In doing this the children always have someone familiar by their side. Letters and information is shared with parents and the child’s interests are used to settle them into their new routine, friends and environment.

Transitions to school

We link up with every school to ensure a smooth process for any child making their transition from Choochoos to school. All schools are invitied and many come and visit the setting with  teachers regularly coming to  share time with the children. Participating in activities and story times. Where possible your child’s Key Person will also visit the school your child will be attending with your child.

Your child’s Key Person will complete and share with your child’s new class teacher a transition document,  your child’s progress chart and their current next developmental steps . You will see and agree this information that is sent to your child’s new school.

Crucial elements for Choochoos in preparing your child for primary school The first day of primary school is a big day for both parents and children. Choochoos will be on hand to support parents and children to  embark on this journey acting as the perfect transition.

As a parent, preparing a child themselves is no easy task and that’s where Early Years Practitioners skills will help and support . Choochoos allows interaction with other children and learning through games which creates a strong foundation for children to springboard into school. Preparing children for school is a fundamental role for Choochoos. Teaching children to put their hand up when they’d like to say something at group time, how to share and work in teams and pairs are great contributors. Self help tasks such as learning how to go to the toilet independently and dress themselves are also valuable skills. Another factor to consider for children and parents is separation. Attending Choochoos could be the first time they have been apart so allowing parents to leave their child to meet their needs is crutial.

Some children may even require additional support in learning self help skills,  e.g. how to eat with a knife and fork. We communicate this with parents so  they are aware and work with us to and continue to develop this at home. Choochoos has staff that are supportive for parents,  the best way to prepare children for their journey to primary school.

Transitions from one child carer to another

Lining up with other professionals is very important to us. We value the contribution they can offer to your child’s development. If your child attends another childcare provision or is cared for by a child minder regularly we ask for your permission to communicate with them so we can share knowledge and aim for the same goals. We invite all carers that have an active part in your child’s life to visit us and to observe your child at play.