Next steps and making progress

Children learn and develop differently therefore every child is planned for individually having their own personal next steps to develop. Practitioners will share your child’s next steps with you and discuss experiences to plan to move your child forward and make progress. Your child will be given 7 next steps each term. This will be one next step in each of the seven areas of learning displayed in the EYFS 2014 Development Matters.

Next steps derive from the assessments your child’s Key Person makes. Assessment involves gathering, reflecting on and evaluating evidence of learning to enable the Key Person to check on learners’ progress and support further learning. We use the EYFS 2014 Development Matters as a guide when planning new next steps for the future.

Your Key Person will discuss with you the activities and experiences they are planning for your child to develop their next steps. Please ask at any point if there are activities you could be doing at home to aid this. You will be asked to support your child’s learning at home.

Parent evenings are offered termly. During a parent evening you can look closely in partnership at the progress your child has made agreeing learning for their future. Your child’s Key Person will share with you your child’s learning journey and give you a full evaluation of the term.