Learning and Development:- Prime and Specific Areas


Learning and Development Requirements

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS, 2014) Learning and Development Requirements are divided in to two areas.
Prime and Specific.


  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

The Prime areas are key to successful learning and development and children need to be sufficient in these aspects. Prime areas will be included in any planning and experiences your child may get involved with at Choochoos. Prime areas promote self esteem, confidence and health, proven to strengthen learning for the future.


• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the world
• Expressive arts and design

Specific areas are planned for at Choochoos every day. The learning environment at Choochoos both indoors and out will reflect the Specific areas. Opportunities for your child to independently explore and discover resources are provided throughout to meet all areas of the curriculum.

Following the revised EYFS Learning and Development requirements Early Years Practitioners at Choochoos ensure they:-

  • Focus on interactions with children.
  • Plan termly next steps for all children in all seven areas of learning.
  • Observe and know the characteristics of their key children’s learning (how children learn and play not just what they play with) This can also be achieved through identifying your child’s Schema (pattern of behaviour).
  • Plan next steps in learning by following your child’s individual interests.
  • Monitor and support your child’s progress in development and learning in the Prime and Specific areas.
  • Provide a 2 year old progress check for parents, using the information to support any identified delays.
  • Work consistently in partnership with parents.

Activities & experiences

Activities and experiences differ according to the children’s stage of development with play based learning offered to build on previous interests. Regardless of age, children are able to access activities independently, with free choice and availability. This builds on self esteem and encourages confidence.  Choochoos consider each child’s increasing concentration span and developing skills. Creativity is encouraged by providing different activities for the children to become involved in and we ensure that these are rotated regularly to maintain focus.

Choochoos give children every opportunity to develop and experience the best possible start to education thus making the transition from nursery to primary school a smooth one.


Play is how children explore and investigate the world, and gradually gain an understanding of it. Our priority is to make learning an enjoyable and stimulating experience, it is vital that all practitioners ensure children receive as many chances to learn through play as possible. Children are encouraged to be independent through initiating their own experiences.

Children are frequently introduced to pre-writing skills, mathematical concepts and a wide range of physical and sensory activities. They are invited to bring in subject matter from home to encourage group discussion, language and literacy and help support weekly planning.

The Learning Enviroment

Why is the Learning Environment is important? – We know that a rich and varied environment supports children’s learning and development. We them the confidence to explore and learn in secure and safe, yet challenging, indoor and outdoor spaces.

Choochoos offer an appropriate physical environment in which children feel safe, happy, cared for and relaxed. It offers children access to indoor and outdoor spaces in which they can explore, create, think, observe,  learn and develop with the support and interactions from sensitive, knowledgeable adults.