Dover caterpillar & butterfly room (2-5 years)

Our caterpillar/butterfly room for 2-3 years encourages free flow play inside and out, where children can explore many activities. As our children make the transition from Babychoos, our room is oozing with a wealth of resources, which aim to inject fun into every child’s day and encourage a zest for learning. Children are encouraged to find learning fun and their achievements and developments are recognised to develop our children’s confidence and self-esteem. The caterpillar/butterfly room is spacious and inviting with opportunities for learning wherever you turn.

Our team are employed not only for their qualifications and experience, but for their ability to interact, to be approachable and caring. They meet children’s needs through sensitive and appropriate interactions, thereby promoting self esteem.


‘Choochoo’s has a large outdoor space with caring and informative staff’, (Parent, March 2021).



Inside environment

Our inside environment encourages our children to independently access the many resources in well thought out zoned areas, which cater for their current interests. The room is welcoming, bright with ample natural light. Toilets are easily accessed in the room, which usefully supports toilet training and nappy changing. Areas are zoned and include play for construction and small world, music and movement, books, puzzles and games, art, craft and mark making and role play. The environment allows children opportunities to be involved in group play or to have time relax. Resources are age and stage appropriate and all are accessible for independent play.


Outside environment

The amazing outside area is bursting with opportunities for children to use their imagination in abundance. Children are highly stimulated with the vast equipment and physical opportunities they are presented with regardless of the weather. A large covered area outside lends itself well for quieter group activities where interactions and language skills are promoted constantly.

The outside area boasts a woodwork station, bug hotel, sensory area, walking sandpit, a bike and scooter trail and mud kitchen. All outdoor play is supervised by adults who observe and know when to provide support.



The routine is carefully planned to encourage independence and confidence. Children are offered opportunities to take part in group activities, story and music times. They are not forced to participate and are normally attracted due to the careful planning of the activity by the practitioners. The key person approach is fully embedded in the caterpillar/butterfly room and each child has times in their routine to spend special time with their key person. Planning is led by children’s interests and next developmental steps, therefore meeting the needs of every individual child.


Outings & walks

Our children often go out exploring as part of our weekly planning. Situated in River, Dover, the park, library and shops are familiar places to visit. With so many places to visit our children love venturing out. To maximise safety, ratio’s of adults to children are increased and children are given florescent jackets to wear. Walks allow our children to collect materials to use back in the nursery and camera’s give the children opportunities to snap any items of interest. The park is a great hit and the children are very familiar with the equipment there.


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