Help with writing an observation

Practitioners’ at Choochoos understand asking families to ‘Write an observation’ about their child can be a scary prospect. Observations are so valuable, they provide so much information to allow a key person to plan effectively for your child to make progress and the good news is they do not have to be written.

With current technology photographs and videos can be sent to us and often tell a thousand words. We have provided some real examples of observations families have submitted to us, which we hope will inspire you and hopefully, time permitting, you can send us some observations about your child.

Please include anything to share with us your child has done outside of Choochoos, at home, on day trips, in the garden, etc.

If you need any help with eyLog email for help


For more information refer to section ‘Your child’s online learning journey (eyLog)’.

Examples of parent observations on eyLog.