Caterpillar Room (ages 2-3 years)

“We are very happy with our son’s care at Choochoos. The key person is fantastic with our son, so caring and loving which means so much to us as have to dash off to work…..knowing he is happy and contact in his day. The key person always listens to any concerns and also gives us valuable feedback – thanks you.” Parent (July 2016)

Feedback from our Euro event…..

“I wanted to say how much my husband and I enjoyed the football tournament this afternoon! It was so lovely seeing the whole setting have a really good time together on the field. It’s really interesting to notice how happy and relaxed all the children are when they are out and about and how well behaved they all were! We loved being part of it too, we felt lucky to be. Thank you Choochoos. ” Mr & Mr West (July 2016)

Responses from Parents Evening questionnaires…..

“Babychoos is a great place! All staff are caring and supportive. Thank you.” June 2016

“My son absolutely loves it here! Leah and all the team do such a great job looking after and encouraging his development. Thank you.” June 2016

“My daughter enjoys her days at Choochoos especially the messy play and fun in the garden. Thank you.” June 2016

“My daughter has settled brilliantly at Choochoos and always seems really happy and content. We are really happy with everything, my daughter clearly loves all of the Choochoos team” June 2016

“Having a safe environment in which to leave my daughter when we go to work is our primary concern. The fact that my daughter obviously loves the environment is a wonderful bonus. The staff at Choochoos constantly surprise and amaze us with their dedication, patience and genuine affection for our daughter. Thank you all so much for your hard work.” June 2016

“We are really happy with our sons care and are sad we are moving out of the area.” June 2016

“My daughter is having a really good time every time she comes to Choochoos. She enjoys everything because most experiences are new for her. Good job continue the hard work.” June 2016

“I’m very happy with the care my daughter receives in Babychoos.”  June 2016

“My son really enjoys his time at nursery and spending time with his key person.” June 2016

“We are so happy with the care our son has at Choochoos. The staff have made a real effort to get to know him well and provide a broad range of activities and experiences. He loves it! Thank you.” June 2016

“We are really happy and pleased with how our daughter is doing at nursery. She is always happy to attend.” June 2016

“I think Choochoos is brilliant. My daughter has progressed very well since coming. Her key person has been excellent in helping my daughter and teaching her to learn the things we ask her to. Overall we are very pleased with Choochoos, Thank you,” June 2016

“My son loves his time at nursery, the Butterfly team are caring and supportive. With their help he continues to learn, develop and make friendships and memories that he will always treasure. Thank you.” June 2016

“My son has found the setting here very educational. He has greatly matured and am very pleased with all the assistance he receives.” June 2016

“Thanks for that you have done for my son. You have been a fantastic team of staff who have helped my son to grow in confidence and maturity.” June 2016

“I am very happy with my daughters progress in the Butterfly room. All of the workers are very friendly and helpful. They always go out of their way to help.” June 2016

“All the girls are great and have their own unique ways with children. They all make my son feel safe and happy. He comes home tired and happy.” June 2016

“I think Choochoos is a good place. My son loves it here and doesn’t want to leave when I come to collect him! He loves to show me all the toys and his friends!” June 2016

“Our child loves coming here to this fantastic nursery.” June 2016

“My daughter likes coming to nursery and always seems happy. She’s made friends and I am glad she eats all her lunch.” June 2016

“I have got to say I have been very welcomed and helped through my sons time in Butterflies. My son has developed well and his character is always at top happiness at the end of each nursery day. My keyperson has been so welcoming throughout our time and supportive in development.” June 2016

“Really good to have had a consistent key person whilst my child has been in Butterflies. Great to see her development.” June 2016

From parents and children moving rooms….

‘Dear Key person…..My son has finally become a Butterfly!  We know it’s going to be very nice in the Butterfly room too, but somehow we are all very reluctant to say goodbye to Caterpillars because…there are many nice people in Caterpillars, and you are someone very special! It’s difficult to search for words to express all our gratitude, we’ll try to keep it simple….we are truly lucky to have you as a key person all the way through. It was a very happy 20 months for us all. Thanks for all the support you gave us as parents, and thanks for helping Daniel to become what he is…we’ll be missing you so much! Lots of love.’ –  Kevin & Wendy. (Aug 2014)

‘Dear all in Caterpillars, the days in Caterpillars for my son have come to an end. We would like to take this opportunity to thank every brilliant member of staff in this room, this is an outstanding team that have left many wonderful memories for all of us! Thank you all soo much.’ – (Aug 2014)

From a child leaver……

‘A big thank you for looking after me, I’ve learnt so much from being at Choochoos, I will miss you all!’ Ms Court (Aug 2013)

From a new staff member…..

‘Thank you so much for welcoming me into your room you are a great team!’ Sarah T (July 2013)

Children leaving Choochoos, making their transition to school –

‘Just a little note to say a huge thank you!! There has been so many of you who have taken care of me, taught me new and exciting things, made me smile and wiped my tears… stuck plasters on me when needed… fed me my yummy meals when hungry and always listened to me and answered my ‘why’s?’… to everyone in the Baby room, Caterpillars and Butterflys… Thank you. Going to miss you all.’ – D Potter (Sept 2014)

Thank you so much for all that you have done for my daughter over the last two years. She has had a whale of a time in Caterpillars, and has grown, learnt and developed so much under your care. I know she (and we) will miss you, and we would like to thank you for always going the extra mile to ensure she is happy, confident and keen to try new things!
All the best for the future.’ –  Jo and Andy (Aug 2014)

‘Thank you so much for making my daughter’s time at nursery fun and enjoyable. A big thank you to Magda and all your staff, for taking such a good care of her during her time at Choochoos’ Mrs Zaborska (Aug 2013)

‘To all at Choochoos, thank you so much for everything you have done for our son. He has loved his time with you and we are extremely grateful for your support. He has loved his time with you and I am sure there are very many wonderful times he enjoyed at Choochoos which he will remember always. Many thanks for all the things he has learned with you’ Maddy (Aug 2013)

‘Thank you each one of you for looking after our child, for your care, creativity, fun, organisation – keep up the hard work! We will miss you. God bless you all our love’ Mr & Mrs Greenall (Aug 2013)

‘Dear Sarah, Natalie and all the staff at Choochoos
Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience looking after my son and helping him to progress in so many ways. Love from’ Ms Isaac (Aug 2013)

‘A big thank you for looking after me I learned so much for being at Choochoos I will miss you all with all my love’ Miss Court (Aug 2013)

‘Dear Everyone at Choochoos, thank you so much for having me here for my placement. You have made me feel so welcome and I really appreciate all of your help support and guidance. I have really enjoyed my time here so any thanks again. Lots of love’ Catherine (July 2013)

‘To all the staff at Choochoos nursery, me and my son would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has helped my him along his journey. He has loved every minute at Choochoos and has made some great friends in the two yeasrs he has been attending and that’s all down to you guys. All the best for Choochoos in the future. All our love’ Mrs Thomson. (Aug 2013)

‘To all the staff in the Butterfly Room thank you so so much for everything you have done for our son throughout the time he has spent with you all. You have made him really come out of his shy self. We are really going to miss him coming to Choochoos you make us all feel very welcome in your homely environment.
Thanks again’ (Aug 2013)

‘Thank you so much for everything you have done for my son, He has loved his time with you and we are extremely grateful for you support.’ (Aug 2013)

‘Our son has loved his time with you and there are very many wonderful times at Choochoos which he will always remember. Many thanks for the things he has learned with you and all of the fun he has had.’ Stefan and Maddy (Aug 2013)

‘Thank you so much for all of your hard work and patience looking after my son and helping him progress in so many ways.’ K Isaac (Aug 2013)

‘Thank you each one of you for looking after our children. For your care, creativity, fun and organisation, keep up the good work. We will miss you.’ (Aug 2013)

‘Me and my son would like to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who has helped us along our journey. My Son has loved every minute at Choochoos and has made some great friends. He has learnt so much in the two years he has been attending and that is all down to you guys. I couldn’t have picked a nicer of friendlier nursery.’ (July 2013)

‘Thank you so so much for everything you have done for my son during his time spent with you. You have made him really come out of his shy self. We are really going to miss him coming to Choochoos you make us all feel very welcome in your homely environment.’  Ms Morgan (July 2013)

‘Many thanks for your hospitality and brilliant service provided to our child. Best wishes to all members of staff in Choochoos Nursery at Canterbury.’ Edyta & Miron (May 2013)

Feedback from students……..

‘Thank you so much for having me here for my student placement. You have made me feel so welcome and I really appreciate all of your help, support and guidance. I have really enjoyed my time here.’ Catherine (student placement) (July 2013).

Feedback from parents…….

‘Well done Choochoos for your Outstanding Ofsted. You really are an Outstanding team and I am so pleased this has been recognised.’ Ms Draper (August 2013)

‘My daughter attends Choochoos Canterbury; I am delighted with how happy she is and it is a joy to observe the children and staff’s interactions as I drop off and collect her each day. The nursery seems such a warm, happy and stimulating environment.

I will continue to enjoy being part of Choochoos as a parent and I am grateful for the very  positive experience my daughter is having! She adores her Key Worker.’ Ms Trudgill-Ward (May 2013)

‘Thank you for this – good idea re involving parents….and a helpful reminder to prompt us to write some observations!’ Mrs Bell (April 2013) 

‘It is great to see photos of our child enjoying his time at nursery and exploring new things and skills, thank-you so much for all your hard work” Mrs Cousens (April 2013)

‘Just want to say thanks for making things better for my son, his key person gave me very nice feedback of what he was doing this morning, I feel the difference straight away.’ Wendy (April 2013)

‘I attended the EYFS meeting tonight and wanted to say that it was very informative and thank you for taking the time to explain to ‘us parents’ exactly what its all about! I have spoken to the manager about it before and have read about it but listening to it tonight and the importance of it struck a cord with me. Obviously I have had some contact with your team recently in relation to my child and I see the relevance of EYFS so clearly now, for me the improvement we have seen over the last few weeks is just amazing. My little man has always made me so proud with his little ways and now he has NEW things that keep making us so so proud and happy. So well done for all your work and especially well done and thank you to his Keyperson who keeps me updated verbally all the time with what is happening, with your SENco for getting the extra help he needs and all the buddies and Manager, thanks everyone! I will strive to do my bit and promise more entries and photos to come!’ Kat (Feb 2013)

‘My child’s dad spoke with him on the phone last night from Dublin. He said to me how much of a change there is in my child’s speech. An amazing improvement and he felt so proud of how far he has come in such a short space of time. We both thank Choochoos for the positive effect we believe they have had on this. Thank you.” Kat (Feb 2013)

‘My son is really pleased ‘Mum we have a space just for the Butterflies, isn’t that great’. Its always good to know how his day was. We are over the moon about his nursery life, really proud of him and thankful to you and all your hard work.’ Ms Carvalho (Sept 2012)

‘Learning Journeys – are lovely to read and what he does during the day, it is easy to see his improvements. My child loves outside play and this outside environment is perfect for him.
My child loves attending Choochoos he always wants to go and has a lot to tell me about his day when he gets home.’ Anon (Oct 2012)

‘My child’s key person makes the effort on a daily basis to write in her book. As I am unable, due to work, to fetch her or drop her off, this way I still feel Involved & know what the little one Is up to. Thank you!’ Ms Makhalfa (Oct 2012)

‘Learning Journeys – What a wonderful record to keep. The personal care and attention given is superb. Excellent routine.
The new butterfly room in fantastic. The varied activities are superb. Choochoos was one of the biggest factors in making us feel settled and welcome after our relocation to Canterbury. We hugely appreciate the way that the girls have been nurtured here. Their new teacher from school seems to have been impressed with the nursery and I am delighted that your hard work has been recognised in this way, thank you.’ Ms Long (Sept 2012)

‘All staff in Caterpillar room are amazing & approachable. The key person has had a great impact on my little one, who absolutely loves & trusts her. Thank you for taking care of my little one.’ Mrs Roy (Sept 2012)

‘Our key person is always friendly and approachable. I’m very happy with how my son has got on at Choochoos. I always found the staff really friendly and caring and the atmosphere good.’ Mrs Henry(Sept 2012)

‘The post-it notes are a very useful way to communicate between home & nursery. Great to see how my son is learning and developing. I find Choochoos to be a wonderful learning environment for my son to flourish.’ Mrs Tanner(Sept 2012)

‘My son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Choochoos so far. He loves it and always comes home with lots of stories of all the fun he’s had! Thank you for looking after him so well.’ Ms Isaac (Sept 2012)

From a student…..

‘Thank you for having me it has been amazing working at Choochoos, I have loved every minute.’ Laura Powell – Student (Dec 2012)

From a prospective family…..

‘Dear Choochoos, I would like to thank you for your time yesterday showing me and my daughter around your fabulous setting. I was very impressed with how engaged all the children were and how calm and nicely they seemed to play. I could not believe how independently they accessed resources that they needed and how confident they looked. Your setting is clearly the obvious and perfect choice for my child from a mother who is dreading the return to work, I felt at home as soon as I entered and it has helped put my mind at rest…..Mrs K Bradford. (Sept 2012)

From one parent to another……..

‘Poppy actively looks forward to coming to the nursery schools both here and at Whitstable and I have watched her confidence grow.  She is very comfortable with the staff in both settings and frequently wants to stay on and listen to stories or John’s music when it’s time to go home.’ R Sewell (Dec 2012)

‘A massive thank you to all for caring for our little girl.  You are all wonderful and Brooke is so happy at Choochoos.  We constantly see her development/learning and her personality shine and we are fully aware that a big, big contribution to this is from you guys…..  Thank you.’ Lara, Sam and Brooke Powell (Dec 2012)

‘My child loves Choochoos, and so do we. It was the clear choice when we viewed all the nurseries and it was so much better than I thought if that’s possible!!! The staff are all so nice and friendly and all really interested in the children and what they are doing in and outside the nursery. My child’s s key person is absolutely brilliant with him and he has really bonded with her. When I drop him off in the morning he does cry as I go to leave as he doesn’t want me to go, that’s hard. I start work at 8.30am so I literally get there at 8am, take him upstairs and settle him for 10 minutes before racing to work!! I have been calling most days though (they don’t seem to mind me doing so) to see how he’s getting on and they always say he stopped crying a minute after I left. They take them out most days in the 6 seated buggy (have you seen it? Very cute!!) to feed the ducks or play on the swings etc, he’s always coming home with paint between his toes or paper mache in his hair but I don’t mind as I know he has been having so much fun! The food is really good too, varied and healthy. I collect him about 5pm so it’s a long day for him but we get to have about 30 mins play at home before bath and bed….! What’s nice to see though is when I go to collect him, he’s so smiley and chatty! He flaps his arms in excitement and shouts at me trying to tell me all the stuff he’s done, it’s such a nice thing. Sorry if I’ve rambled on a bit, it’s just such a nice place’ A. Burrows (Babychoos Canterbury) (Aug 2012)

A parent’s view on a farm visit…..

‘I am just writing to thank you for inviting the nursery to your farm, my daughter attended today and had a lovely time. She is due to start school in September and I really feel she got lots out of the trip, both educationally and socially. She has been full of information this evening telling us about all the lovely things that she did. I feel the opportunities you gave the children today were ones that some children may not experience in their life. My child is becoming obsessed about horse riding and was really happy to have seen the horses today and was able to tell us the baby horses were foals. Thank you again for providing the children with this wonderful experience’ Mrs L Glover (Aug 2012)

Stage Spiders – an organisation that attends the setting regulary…

‘Dear Choochoos Day Nursery,
I would like to thank you very much for having us over the course of the past year, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. I have thoroughly enjoyed each session, and hope that you and the children have too. I have loved visiting Choochoos, and am glad that the Stage Spiders will continue to work with you’

Children leaving Choochoos, making their transition to school –

“Thank you for all your hard work, my child really enjoyed his time spent with you all.” – Mr P Gormely (Sept 2012)

“We are really going to miss you, thank you for making my sons early years such memorable ones.” – Mrs S Gooch (Sept 2012)