Canterbury butterfly room (3-5 years)

As our children transform into Butterflies our experienced high quality care continues. Practitioners expertly guide our children through the wonders of learning, helping them to adapt to a range of different activities in a more structured environment. Learning is enjoyable and rewarding with a good balance of child initiated play and adult led activities.

Our Butterfly team are motivated, highly qualified and experienced in early years. The team apply the key person approach and provide a rich learning environment for children getting ready to go to school.


‘My child has become very aware of safety when walking by roads. She is careful to make sure she’s not on the roadside of any pavement, moving to my other side. I asked where she had learnt this, and she told me she’d been taught it at nursery. Thank you for teaching her something so straightforward, but which will help to keep her safe’, (Parent, December 2021)

Inside environment

With many large windows the indoors is bright and welcoming. Areas are zoned and include play for construction and small world, music and movement, books, games and puzzles, art, craft and mark making, role play and more. The environment allows children opportunities to be involved in group play or to have time relax. Resources are age and stage appropriate and all are accessible for independent play. The inside gives access to three large outdoor play areas, where children have choices in abundance.

Outside environment

There is so much to choose from, you may find you want to stay and play yourself. One garden is spacious and promotes gross motor skills with access to bikes, scooters, cars, etc. There is a climbing wall, slide and a large wooden climbing frame to challenge the older children, giving many opportunities to take risks. A self selective shed ensures our children can access resources as they choose. The same garden has a mini wood and nature path area. This facility is ideal for children to form friendships and discover their world.

Another garden is home to many trees to provide privacy and a secret den for the children to escape to. Part is undercover and suitable for all weathers. Next to this garden is a other area, the children will find a large walk in sand pit, safely planned with decking around. All outdoor play is supervised by adults who observe and know when to provide support.



The routine is thoughtfully planned to encourage independence and confidence. Our experienced practitioners ensure our routine prepares our children for school. Small group times take place including circle time, music and movement, stories, letters and sounds and plan do and review. Plan, do and review is fully implemented, where children first plan what materials they want to work with, what they want to do and whom they want to do it with. Once they have made a plan, however vague, of what they want to do, they can put their ideas into practice. Then, after this chosen work time, our children come together and discuss what they did and whether it was the same as, or different from, what they had planned. They can also plan to re-visit this.

Outings & walks

We provide daily walks locally and adventures to surrounding places. Interesting opportunities for our children include visits to the cathedral, museum, park, local schools, shops and library. We often go further a field to visit farms, the beach and other local nurseries. We are close friends with an elderly residential home who enjoy our visits. The children love going out to explore and often the decision is very spontaneous.


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