Baby Choos

The Baby Choos team provide exceptional care in an accessible environment designed with home in mind.

Graded with ‘Outstanding’ features by Ofsted, Baby Choos is unique in both its facilities and the experiences offered.

Full of vibrant and sensual play, the design of Baby Choos has been carefully created to stimulate our youngest children. The opened planned spaces are bright, warm and appealing with safe resources to stimulate young minds. Baby Choos has its own carefully constructed garden equipped especially for children under two.

Located in a quiet location of Canterbury, We provide daily walks locally and adventures to surrounding places. Interesting opportunities for the children include visits to the Park, Shops and Library. These places are a major part of the Baby Choos routine. In fact the Baby Choos buggy bus, which accommodates six children at once has become very well known amongst locals.

Baby Choos operates a key person approach. Our work force are carefully selected and understand the importance of developing trusting relationships with both the child and family. Children flourish and learn when they are secure and confident to explore. Our key person approach starts at the home visit to you. During the home visit your key person will establish your child’s routine especially around sleeping and meal times and will mirror your child’s requirements at the setting.


Our caring home from home atmosphere continues throughout with well thought out zones that cater for any child that may need respite between play as well as children that are on the go. Well resourced equipment in a rich and friendly accessible environment combined with Early Years Practitioners scaffolding learning raises outcomes for every individual.

We have well equipped areas for nappy changing and bottle feeding and provide nutritional home cooked meals from our fully trained and experienced chef. Any allergy or special need is catered for understanding every child is individual.


Baby Choos has it’s own safe and secure garden which is thought out especially to offer physical and sensory experiences for children of younger years. Much of our children’s day is spent outside in our rich learning environment. There are cosy and shaded areas, a walk in sand pit and many opportunities for children to develop their physical skills.


Babies need routine which are individual to them. During tehe home visit your key person will establish your child’s routine and meet their needs as per your routine at home. Stimulating activities are provided and a typical day in Baby Choos will include experiences with music, books, craft and treasure basket play. Treasure Basket play is fascinating for both adults to watch as well as the babies that are participating. Please click for further information regarding Treasure Basket play.