Healthy eating & menus


We provide well balanced and nutritious meals, which are cooked fresh each day by our own cooks who we employ on site.

Our cooks create our seasoned menus of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, using parent/carer, child and staff input. Our menus introduce our children to a variety of different flavours, textures and dishes from around the world. We provide alternatives for babies up to one year and/or children who have dietary needs or special requirements.

Food intake of our children is logged by our practitioners and displayed in our lobby for your convenience, alongside the menu. If a child attends a full day and has not eaten greatly during lunch time, another option is offered a short time after, but long enough so the child does not make the connection between not eating lunch and having something different.

Our cooks do not just live in our kitchen, they also regularly provide our children with cooking activities during daily routines and provide food hygiene training for our staff team.


‘My child says the foods they enjoy at Choochoos are pasta, fish fingers and houmous, pate and baguettes’, (Parent/Carer, November 2020).


5 Stars

Choochoos are very proud to maintain our five-star environmental health and food hygiene rating from Kent County Council.

Independence & the importance of meal times

Meal and snack times are treated as a social occasion in our daily routine at Choochoos. Our practitioners sit with our children in small groups, being able to provide them with their undivided attention during this special time.

Our children are encouraged to help set up for meal times, dish/choose their own food portions, pour their own drinks, cut up their food and feed themselves, with a practitioner there for support. Meal times are great learning experiences with independence strongly encouraged, eating correctly is educational in itself as practitioners encourage the development of new vocabulary and much more.

Children have the responsibility of choosing and ordering their snacks each week with our cook on our online shopping portal. Once arrived our children help our cook to unpack and of course have fun trying the snacks they have chosen.


‘Thank you to our cook for making such wonderful delicious dinners each day for our children’, (Staff ‘Shout Out’ display postit, November 2020).

All meals & snacks at Choochoos are FREE

Breakfast, snacks, a fresh healthy cooked two course lunch, two course tea and drinks are all included in our fees, even if your child attends for funded sessions only.


For more information on healthy eating, see below:



Please see below our current menus.

Recipe cards reflecting these meals are displayed in our lobbies for you to help yourself.