Write dance


What is ‘write dance’?

  • An exciting music and dance approach.
  • Playing music while children use props to make marks in the air or on paper or use other resources to music.
  • The music and the dance is used to guide and aid children’s imagination and language development, so the pieces of music, with the corresponding movements, are structured into ‘narrative’.


Why use ‘write dance’?

  • To develop the skills children need to develop writing.
  • Movements in write dance are designed to help children feel happy and comfortable with their bodies, improving their motor skills and providing a strong foundation for writing.
  • Includes music, songs and suggested movements that develop gross motor coordination.
  • Helps children work on their coordinated mark making skills in a fun and imaginative way, using movement to help make the shapes they will eventually need to write in their given language.
  • Rhythm is closely linked to rhyme and children are encouraged to use their voices to describe the actions as they move and dance, improving language and communication.
  • Children’s individual expression, pace of learning and writing style can be recognised within this approach.

How does Choochoos use write dance?

  • Provided weekly, as part of our daily routine.
  • Used as a planned activity, in free play or at group time.
  • Practitioners will observe children while taking part and capture these on the child’s eyLog as an observation, photo or video and link to children’s learning.
  • Practitioners are provided with training as part of their professional development plan.