Well being & involvement

What is well being and involvement?

Ferre Leavers, a professor at the University of Leaven, created a well being and involvement monitoring system, which is a tool for quality assessment. This assessment tool is designed to assess children’s emotional well being and how involved they are in play, allowing practitioners to highlight if they may need extra support to be able to reach their full potential in their learning.

Choochoos recognises how important children’s well being and involvement is in their development and learning, therefore using this assessment tool daily. Practitioners at Choohoos are fully trained to use this tool effectively as part of their training plan.


Well being – Well being means for a child to feel at ease, being spontaneous and free from emotional tensions. ‘Like a fish in water’.

Involvement – Involvement is showing signs of being intensely engaged in activities, to allow for deep level learning and development.


Many items could affect a child’s well being and therefore affecting their involvement. Some of these reasons could be changes at home, a new arrival to the family, house move, a bereavement, change in routine, change or transition at nursery, etc. Therefore partnership and communication with parents/carers with the child’s key person is vital, to ensure we can work together to know the child as well as we can to recognise and support what they need.

How do Choochoos use the assessment tool?

Using this tool allows us to assess children individually or within a group identifying any interventions needed to help the child to progress. Choochoos assesses well being and involvement in a number form of 1-5, 1 being low and 5 being high. We aim for all children to achieve levels of 5, however if they are not the child’s key person would make actions to aim for this child to achieve levels of 5. Levels of well being and involvement can be seen on a child’s eyLog learning journey observation and reviewed termly, identified by your child’s key person. The key person will ensure the levels and actions will also link with the child’s next steps to gain the best outcome for the child.

Choochoos also uses this assessment tool when reflecting on the environment or routine, before and after, to ensure our impact has made a positive difference to our children. The leaven tool offers a ’10 action point audit’ to reflect on the environment, activities, the individual child and what the practitioner is offering.


If you wish to know more about well being and involvement, please see our quality practitioners for more information.