Treasure basket play

Every treasure basket will be a unique collection of objects, a collection of 20-30 objects, which comprise a variety of textures and materials. The treasure basket is not a static plaything, over time objects can be added, taken out and replaced, every time you go some where new, you can collect objects to go into the treasure basket, e.g. shells from a trip to the beach, so that the basket grows, reinforces learning experiences and becomes a catalogue of memories.

The predominant way that babies under the age of one (non mobile babies) discover and learn about their world is through sensory motor development, during this stage a baby’s primal instinct is to explore objects by handling and mouthing them in order to find out about their physical characteristics. By using a treasure basket with children at this age we are providing them with rich mental stimulation, which not only activates the growth of the brain, but also provides richly satisfying experiences for the baby.

Treasure baskets is a beneficial play activity for babies to develop their sensory and manipulative skills, looking, touching, grasping, mouthing, licking, waving, banging, picking up, dropping, selecting, laughing, develop attention and concentration.

Treasure baskets allow:

  • Babies to make their own decisions. They have the freedom and the chance to explore everyday natural objects, textures and colours.
  • Opportunity to develop self esteem. With no right or wrong, every action is an experience to learn, make simple choices and develop preferences.
  • Excitement and skills to develop. Treasure baskets are beneficial when the objects remain exciting and give babies the opportunity to explore wide amounts of resources.

The learning opportunities are endless with treasure basket play, which is why Choochoos choose to provide these experiences for our children within our routine. Parents/carers can be part of this experience by donating items to Choochoos for use or create their very own treasure baskets to use at home with their child.

For more information on treasure baskets, read our Choochoos treasure basket & heuristic play leaflet.