British values

Choochoos are proud of our strong values, everything we do and practice is underpinned by our values.

It is a wide expectation that every member of our team conducts themselves with pride and role models these values for others. Value led learning is enhanced and developed through Personal, Social, and Emotional education, while being interwoven in to our Choochoos community. We aim to have an aspect of spiritual, moral, social or cultural reflection in every day. We believe that this deepens self confidence, appreciation, empathy, respect and understanding of others each and every day.

Diversity is truly embraced in our setting at Choochoos and we are fortunate to have children, families and staff attending each day of different nationalities. All having many different faiths, religions, cultures, country of origins, languages and beliefs, is what makes us so special! Everybody is valued and encouraged to share their views and knowledge with each other.

Our values compliment the ‘Fundamental British Values’ (as described by the government as: Democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance).

Throughout our day our practitioners role model and encourage great British values with our children and families, through our daily routine, activities, environment and experiences. These British values are visible in everything we do. Some of the main areas that we practice are:

  • Explore others cultures and beliefs.
  • Respecting others.
  • Helping others.
  • Turn taking and sharing.
  • Listening to others.
  • Following rules.
  • Having choices.
  • Everyone’s, including our own, views and opinions count.
  • Exploring emotions and feelings.
  • Create a high self esteem and self worth.
  • Inclusive for all.